In the few years since we first established our website in the spring of 2011, usage of the Internet has changed dramatically.   In previous years most visitors used either a laptop or desktop computer when viewing web pages.

Today, however, nearly 55% of all web pages are viewed using smart phones including Android and iPhone devices (other brands too).   To meet the needs of this rapidly growing trend, we have re-designed our website to be as "mobile friendly" as current technology permits.   Mobile friendly is not just a slogan, our website visitors can really navigate easily from their smartphone.

In practical terms, this means the vast majority of our site can be viewed and used on your smart phone.   The text will automatically size itself to your device and links and buttons are appropriately spaced.   Many smart phone users have become adept at holding the phone with one hand and using their thumb (or forefinger [also called "index finder"] from the other hand) to move around.   Our site accomodates this one-handed operation quite nicely.

This means that for any given article on the front page left panel, a press of either the photo, title or "Read More" button all navigate to the exact same place.   At the bottom of each article is a handy "Home Page" return button or just press our logo at the top of each page.

Much of the front page will be visible on your smartphone.   Using your finger or thumb, scroll down to view the rest.   Convenient links at the bottom of the front page page also navigate to the various pages.   Thus we provide various access methods to the data on our site.

For ease of use on our "Make An Appointment" page, touching the phone number of one of our offices permits a smart phone to detect the phone number and prepare your phone for calling us.  All using just your thumb or forefinger.

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